Daily quests are listed in Quest tab under the Cup icon in Camp. You get a new quest per 24 hours. It is based on the last time you were active when you got a new quest.

You can have a maximum of 3 daily quests in the list. After you complete the quest you need to collect it, else it will not be removed from the list. If you are assigned a quest that you did not want, it can be discarded 1 time per day and another random quest obtained immediately. You can discard quests even if they are started.

The standard reward when collected is gold bars (usually 10 gold, but sometimes 30 gold).

Note: It is possible within the same mission to do more than one repetition on a Quest (so far only "Kill 5 walkers" has this possibility). In that case each repeat will count for the Quest. It's also worth noting that if a mission is aborted or fails, achievements from that mission won't count for the quest(s).

Name Count Reward
Avoid struggle 3x 10 gold
Complete a mission without walkers dying 1x 30 gold
Complete challenge missions 2x 10 gold.
Complete story missions 2x 30 gold.
Get challenge stars 15x 30 gold
Kill 5 walkers with one attack 2x 10 gold
Take no injury 2x 30 gold
Use melee weapons team 3x 10 gold
Use ranged weapons team 3x 10 gold
Use all-Assault team 3x 10 gold
Use all-Hunter team 3x 10 gold
Use all-Scout team 3x 10 gold
Use all-Shooter team 3x 10 gold
Use all-Warrior team 3x 10 gold

Past quest system Edit

In the past the standard reward when collected was a single chest to open. The chest would reveal a ticket showing the reward (silver ticket would be 10 gold bars), the ticket value might vary, but examples are listed below.

Some quests also granted Weekly challenge stars as stated on the Quest (mentioned under Name in the table below). Many quests are made up from a task that needs to be repeated (see Count) before the quest is competed. You will get a challenge star for each of the Count completed in a challenge mission, if eligible. You would get a maximum of one Quest star per mission. If a mission is aborted or fails, even the Quest star bonus would be forfeit.

Name Count Reward
Complete Exploration Missions 2x / 3x Silver card
Complete Story Missions 2x Silver card
Complete Challenge Mission 2x Silver card
Get Challenge Stars 15x Gold card
Use Melee Weapons Team (gives stars in weekly challenges) 3x Silver card
Use Ranged Weapons Team (gives stars in weekly challenges) 3x Silver card
Use all-hunter team (gives stars in weekly challenges) 3x Gold card
Use all-scout team (gives stars in weekly challenges) 3x Gold card
Kill 5 Walkers With One Attack (gives stars in weekly challenges) 2x Gold card
Do not Kill any walkers (gives stars in weekly challenges) 1x Gold card
Take no injury 2x Gold card
Avoid struggle 3x Silver card

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